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Nigel Moody


Who we are

Sophie Harrison-Moody


Who we work with

Financial Services & Banking

National Health Service

Large Retail

H M Government

Local Government

Aerospace and Defence

Utilities and Power Generation

Nuclear Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

Large Manufacturing

Ministry of Defence

Legal & Accounting Professions

Travel & Leisure Industry

IT & Software development Industry

Recent assignments include:

Harrison Moody Training & Development Consulting LLP

Registered in England Number: OC354333

Sophie is a Human Resources professional with extensive experience gained in high profile organisations across the private and public sectors, including central and local Government departments and agencies, professional services, and commercial enterprises. more . . .

Nigel is an experienced and professional business consultant specialising in learning and development, business performance improvement and change.

He has considerable experience of working across a broad range of commercial sectors and with Government. more . . .

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