Whilst we design each course to meet our client’s individual needs, typically our programmes ensure that participants:-

●  Understand the key aspects, roles and responsibilities of an effective manager and leader

●  Become aware of their own leadership capability and style

●  Increase awareness of how their leadership attitudes and behaviours impact upon the attitudes and behaviours of those around them

●  Be able to use a variety of leadership styles appropriately

●  Develop new skills and the confidence to lead and motivate others effectively

●  Develop and apply a set of effective communication tools and techniques

●  Communicate, lead and implement essential workplace change

●  Align and link individuals’ goals and objectives to deliver the business mission and vision

●  Empower others through effective delegation techniques whilst retaining accountability

●  Manage individuals’ performance and development though effective leadership and coaching.

This programme comprises a mix of tutor-led input combined with facilitated interactive discussions, regular group activities and relevant case studies.

Oh and some fun too!

Typical programme content and outcomes . . .